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Adam Munday, M.D.

Sharpening ListServ

I am happy to announce that even though I am starting my Emergency Medicine Residency on Long Island, New York, I am planning to come down once a month to do skate sharpening and other skate work. Read below if this is something you are interested in.

If you would like to be notified when I am in the DMV area doing skate sharpening, mounting, or adding screws (once a month), please fill out the form. I will be sending out what date I am able to come down based on my clinical schedule so that you can reserve a slot. The link to reserve your slot will be sent out along with times I am able to pick them up at CJ or Wheaton. With the cost of traveling from New York to DC my rates will be as follows:

Sharpening – $20

Mounting – $40

Permanent Mounting / Adding Screws – $10 (screws included in the cost)